IMG_6085 P1000440 IMG_6141 IMG_6029 Kev Fish 4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP1000174Single handed sailing aboard a 42 foot Tayana Vancouver. 54 year old from New Zealand, although born in the UK. Initial plan is to spend a few years in the sea of Cortez, take in the sights and explore the northern sea. Try and survive spending the summer in the Sea. About 30- 40 boats each year venture north to try and get out of the hurricane zone.  Sounds delightful but the heat and humidity are extreme, it is a survival but you are rewarded with plentiful sea food, wonderful wildlife and the opportunity to share time with like minded people, many of which will become lifelong friends. Depending on how it goes I may well spend a second season in the Sea before venturing south to explore Central America. I particularly want to spend time in EL Salvador. Then onto Panama where I intend to crew on a boat traversing the canal. I won’t be taking Entre Nous through as I have no intention of sailing in the West Indies. After Panama, I could be tempted to give Colombia a try but more likely head out across the Pacific ending up somewhere in Australia, probably Queensland. it will then be time to find some work !!!. At that point it is a question of a potential circumnavigation. Hopefully the “pirate” issue in the Red Sea and Northern Somalia would have been resolved” by the time I reach Thailand. Plans change frequently so who knows. Twice before I have planned to spend the summer in the Sea and the plans went out of the window, firstly due to a minor heart attack and secondly to selling the boat from under me. Hopefully this time I will get to see it.

At least my career taught me how to deal with change, stuff always appeared to work out , despite surroundings, market pressures and the desire to overcome and master challenges. I think back and wonder in amazement where I started and how I ended up as a CEO, responsible for 100’s of peoples livelihoods .

Entre Nous is my 3rd boat. The first being Ripple II, a 36 Robert Tucker which I sailed in Australia and the S. Pacific around the age of 30. Alex II was my second boat which was a Hunter 42 Passage, this was sailed in Mexico and was sold in early 2012. I attempted to return to work but soon realised it was not for me at this point in my life. One more adventure is a much better choice !

The Sea has always had a place in my life, from an early age when my grandfather was coxswain on our local lifeboat. I was brought up in a small fishing village, Appledore, once a lawless place full of smugglers and villains, according to local history.
IMG_5390-001OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1236801_10153228960325319_481933272_n




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  1. Hi Kevan! Found your blog, sounds like a great summer in the Sea. Scott and I are planning our return to the boat in La Paz late October. Can’t wait, we miss Mexico and our boat. Summer’s been busy here. We’ll fill you in on the details when we see you in the fall.

    Scott and Monica

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