A good deed turns sour


John Spicher of SV Timepiece

John Spicher of SV Timepiece

A cruising friend and slip neighbor John Spicher once again offered help and assistance to a person in need, only this time the outcome of Johns actions have landed him in a trauma centre in San Diego where surgeons are fighting to save his leg. What happened to John will daunt me for the rest of my life,  his will be changed completely

After being on the receiving end of “beyond duty” support from friends and complete strangers 3 years ago when I had a heart attack in Mazatlan. I was once again astounded by the level of love, care and perseverance to overcome massive issues, witnessed over the last three days.

A horrible accident takes place and John is severely injured. He has rescued a person from the water who had fallen out of their hard bottomed RIB ( dingy ). Totally out of control the RIB then collides with Johns dingy 4 times and his leg and foot  is severely lacerated by the propeller. Click on the blog below for full details of the incident


Tom and Jeanne have mentioned and thanked many of the parties involved in assisting John in their blog. However, I felt it was necessary to mention the monumental effort put in by both Tom and Jeanne. John is a very lucky man to have friends like these two. Human nature once again prevails.

Part of the problem we faced was finding John’s family, he was in surgery and the local hospital wanted permission to amputate his lower leg. We had to track down his family, knowing he had a brother and possibly a sister. The internet provided the mechanism, after a couple of hours we had tracked down his brother James who worked for Honda motorcycles in LA. There was a motorcycle magazine article from 2007 where James broke a finger and this started us on the path to find him.  Everyday the internet becomes integral to our lives, on this particular day it proved key to a whole string of events.  Ironically, shortly after tracking James down, thankfully John came out of the initial surgery and would have been able to tell us anyway.

Helping John allowed me to pay back some of the care and kindness  I received in my time of need.

John is a good man and deserves a full and painless recovery. However, I believe pain is going to feature in his life for a while.


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