Good news, bad news and the waiting game

The good news is my autopilot made it on board the flight from the USA to mexico and it is currently in Cabo San Lucas. Homeland Security in the US did remove the bottle of mineral oil ( hydraulic fluid ) and left a note to say they removed it in the package. Scotty and Monica should be here tomorrow afternoon, so Saturday is set aside to re install the autopilot.

The bad news is my temporary residency card is yet to appear, it was supposed to be last week, then this week and now next week. So all plans are on hold until the card turns up. I had intended to leave La Paz in 4 days to make the crossing to Mazatlan and then down to La Cruz. There was a nice weather window. Several boats left this morning and some more are due to cut the dock lines Monday.

Ken on Drifter, whom I spent a great deal of time with during the summer in the northern sea planned to cross to the mainland around the same time as me , however he has yet to finish some projects It is evident from the photo as to the reason why Kens projects are a little delayed.

Where did I park my boat

Where did I park my boat

Actually dock 3 at the marina has a reputation as the party dock, so that may be another reason Ken is a little delayed. Personally I think dock 3 is full of cheap skates and tight arses. Dock three people can spot a bargain at 300 paces. As we know with bargains there is always a drawback. In the case of Joe, Terry and Rod , 70’s fashion still suits them

The cats whiskers or the dogs bollocks, not sure which

The cats whiskers or the dogs bollocks, not sure which

Jimmy must have found a cheaper bargain and did not adopt the team pattern only the color and lack of fashion senseP1000962

The marina has over the years become shallower as it fills with silt, this season the owners decide they are going to dredge the marina and build more docks. This is done Mexican style, with the dredge material going into a settling pond and then the excess water being pumped back into the marina, along with a lot of the sand and mud they took out.P1000964


I expected this fork lift truck to tip over as it was unevenly loaded but after lurching to one side and nearly tipping forward it made it safely along the breakwater

La Paz has proved to be a fascinating location, it is easy to see why so many gringos come down from California and the Pacific north west and never leave. It is a happy place, always something going on, especially with the amount of public holidays the Mexicans celebrate. The street food is excellent and this fish taco stall is a regular haunt of cruisers, for 40 pesos you get 2 fish tacos and a coke, in NZ money thats 4 bucks and around 2 British pounds. Fortunately the UK stayed out of the Euro trash common currency.



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