Another year ends and new horizons lay ahead. Christmas and New Year were fun, lots of eating drinking and happy smiles. In the end I had turkey 4 times, which was marvelous. In dispersed with eating and putting on weight I continued a number of projects, finishing most. The main couple being varnishing of the exposed teak and relining the headliners.


The teak cockpit coamings, rub rail and dorade boxes are shiney new with 4 coats of varnish. Cleans up the whole look of the boat. The summer sun was devastating to the varnish and it all really needed doing.

Next was to fix the head linings in the main salon. The previous owner had mounted equipment under the deck and when I repositioned the equipment it left a number of screw holes and areas of poor fitting. I managed to find similar material and just simply ( read 20 hours) take down each panel and glue a new liner on top of the old. Then reposition and reconnect the electrical cables. I also had to paint the stern quarter panels.

The end result freshened up the entire interior which then resulted in me trying to re varnish the saloon table.


To say this was a failure was an understatement. In the end I gave the table to “ Chava”  a local Mexican worker and he did a proper job on the table top.

Much time was spent over the Xmas period out and about with Julie and Bill, fortunately Bill had the use of a car, better description would be “wreck”. Fondly known as the “potato” due to it’s brown color and the origin, Idaho……………..the state famous for growing potato’s.  The potato had a character of it’s own and some really weird and strange noises  were omitted from the engine compartment when starting up. Despite both Bill and my efforts to improve the ignition and tick over situation we could not cure the standing start irregularities.

P1000944To get the thing moving you had to time the engines revs, jam it into gear and lurch forward in the hope the revs were high enough to keep the thing going but not too high to cause the thing to stall.  It normally took 2-3 attempts to get moving, which is interesting when you stop at traffic lights or the “4 Altos” which are every other block or so.  However it was better than walking or cycling.


Julie and Bill took off today and are out for 6 weeks, although Julie did say they may come back on the 16th so Bill can help to install my replacement autopilot which is due to arrive with Scott and Monica on the 15th. Actually the last sentence should read I will help Bill install my autopilot. I am very good at passing Bill the right tool and cleaning up !!!  Many thanks once again Bill.  I promise the next time we play cards I will let you win and Julie says she will throw down all the cards you need. Bill shed many tears in 2013 due to a few small mistakes in his card playing………………2014 has to be better ( it couldn’t be worse )P1000955


P1000956I keep meaning to cycle around La Paz with my camera and take a few non tourist shots, maybe my next blog will be based on the back streets of La Paz which I have gotten to know very well.  Here’s one of the local supermarket, known as the cow store by the cruisers.


My 3 year residency permit should be ready soon, the immigration office informed me it would take two weeks before they shut down for Xmas. I have engaged the services of an agent this time , a lovely lady called Olivia. Last time I did the whole thing myself but it took too many visits to immigration to get it done. So far I have only been once to have finger prints taken. I will also go for the medical cover this time, as a resident I can get Mexican private medical insurance for less than US$200 a year.  My medication would be covered and as this costs me US$100 a month, it is well worth signing up for the local cover as the medication is then provided for free



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