Race day

P1100645We all spent the morning getting our respective boats ready for the Bahia Los Angeles sailing race. Anchors up at 11.30 and hang around the start line at 12.00. The race was to La Mona and back. Forecast light wind 5-7 knots. I had decided to go for broke and run with the spinnaker from the start line. The hooter went and we were off, taking people by surprise I flew the big sail, I soon caught up with True Blue 5 and was deciding to either pass to the port and take their wind or be nice and go starboard. I decide to go starboard. I fall off and the wind starts to shift direction, oh shit……..I can’t point high enough and start to drop back, the wind starts to rise 8 knots, 10 knots, 13 knots, 15 knots. I am now pointing in the wrong direction with too much sail , so I decide to drop the spinnaker. I look behind and Exodus and Lady Carolina have the wind and are fast approaching. I know dropping the spinnaker is going to be a bit messy so I decide to wait until they pass. Of course everything turns into a complete clusterf…k and the spinnaker and sheets are flying.P1100641 I have only managed to pull the sock half way down. Wind is still increasing and the spinnaker has now backed. I am in a mess and drop the halyard and the remaining sail drops onto the deck, well most of it, some has gone into the water. I pull in the sheets to stop them tangling around the prop.  I get everything aboard and through the hatch and tidy up. I look down the course and the boats are nearing the turning buoy so I call it a day and sheepishly make my way back to the anchorage and cheer the winners as the cross the finish line.   It was a fun day but perhaps the risk of flying a spinnaker off the line was too great……………..umm hindsight !!!

P1100656True Blue 5, the Aussie boat took the line honors, narrowly missing a sand bank as another tack would have cost him the race. I guess we Kiwi’s will have to settle for the America’s Cup and let the Aussies take the Bahia Los Angeles regatta.

1549c8ffa15bd01f3d0f6a706700dbfaThe next day was spent discussing Hurricane Manuel, this storm had gone through many changes on it route north, tropical depression, tropical storm, back to depression , changing direction frequently and then it turned into the Sea of Cortez, warm water and was heading for Topolobompo. It was upgraded to a Cat One Hurricane as it fead off the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. So now we have a wildcat Hurricane actually the middle of the sea, not a question of whether it would come into the sea of Cortez , it was here and  looked nasty. It was 300 miles away with several possible forecasted routes, generally if it went inland it would slowly burn itself out. If it came up the centre of the sea we could be in for trouble. We all decided to stay put and not make the move to Don Juan ( the hurricane anchorage) until the 6.45 am updated forecast.  Fortunately for us it went ashore north of Topolobompo, unfortunately for others as it caused around 60 deaths from flooding, landslides and accidents. There was another hurricane tracking up the Caribbean coast and the area got hit from both sides. Huge amounts of rain fell over a short period. I believe Mazatlan had serious flooding. I spent a summer in Mazatlan a few years ago and saw the effect of flooding……..buses floating down the road !!P1100661

Full moon party took place the next afternoon and evening, everyone was there and the pot luck food really good. Jack the dog had a great time with the kids from Exodus and Lady Carolina, I am the kids and the dog slept well that evening.  Bocce ball tournaments, floating in and out of the lagoon with the tide and constantly re anchoring the dingies as it was a really low tide. Festivities ended around 9.00pm , everyone ready for their bunks.

Back in the village today and off to Las Rochas tomorrow, soon be time to leave and head south.P1000825


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