Puerto Don Juan

Along with Drifter, I leave Bahia Animas east anchorage and we make our way up the coast, check out the three anchorages on the way up, they look pretty good and worth a visit later, especially the one at Punta al Alacran. It takes 3 hours to get to the anchorage at Don Juan. Lots of sea life activity on the way and bouyed fishing lines plus a few panga’s as we get close. The entrance to Don Juan is difficult to spot but as I get closer it becomes apparent where the gap is. It’s a long way in, passing the point on my port side and then the other.  The channel curves to starboard and then starts to open up. Just like the book shows. It’s flat calm but blowing 15-18 knots outside. I dropped the anchor in 25 feet of water, I want plenty of swing room as I am going to drop 170 feet of chain. As I back down on the anchor, Drifter comes around the corner and the wind has pick up some, he is being pushed sideways !!!

Ken drops his anchor and reverses over a rope on which he has been dragging his pre filter to clean it. He is not amused as it tangles round his prop, over the side he goes to cut it free.

Then another adventurer calls on the radio and they are coming in , Code Blue. I sit in the hammock under the forward sun shade and watch them come into the anchorage. Must have dropped of to sleep as the next thing I know it’s 5.30.

I decide to take a trip ashore and spot a family of Coyotes on the beach, they sit and stare but don’t run off when I beach the dingy. I search the shoreline in about 12 inches of water for clams and quickly find around 30. I then go to check out another part of the shoreline and the smaller Coyote follows me for about 600 metres. I am in the dingy and he is on the shore and we are no more than 20 feet apart.  Later that night I realise there are two groups of Coyotes as the start howling at each other across the water. Amazing…….some of them sound like squeaky toys. Have a beer later with Ken and we decide this is a good spot.  A secure anchorage is worth its weight on gold, especially to anyone single handing. Knowing you are pretty well safe from wherever the wind comes from and the fact there should not be any fetch ( waves ) if things start to kick off during the night is the best feeling !!!

The village in Bahia Los Angeles is renowned for occasionally having evening “elefantes”, which are severe winds up to 65 knots and we are only 7 miles from it. For re stock of fresh veggies and fruit it will be a case of get there in the morning, buy produce, access the internet and then leave in mid afternoon to come back to Don Juan.  Have to find out what day the fresh produce arrives, normally this is on Thursday or Friday. Tomorrow night there is another space station fly by at 2020, looking forward to that as the last one was cool.

Have turned the boat upside down today trying to find my oil change pump. I bought a new one in La Paz. Its like a big cylindrical pump, so not easy to store. Must have lent it to someone as it is not on the boat and I need to change the engine oil. Obviously it never got returned and I can’t recall who I lent it to ????? ……….old age, short term memory loss and all that. Tired, nice breeze and the boat has cooled down after the motoring today. I opened up the engine covers and this allowed the heat to escape quickly, hence my reason for going to shore earlier. Get off the boat until the engine cools down.

Last night had a beer after dark on Kens boat sat in the breeze on his foredeck, after I got back to Entre Nous the Coyotes started up again and went on for a while.  Decided to watch a film which I had downloaded in Santa Rosalia. Modern technology at its best, not even out in the cinema’s yet but available free on Pirate Bay. Perfect calm ,flat conditions all night. Even smoother than a marina as there were no fishing panga’s leaving at full throttle creating huge wakes.  In Santa Rosalia harbor it was crazy, every night 30+ panga’s would leave to go squid fishing, all leaving at full throttle, maybe it was a race ??

Fresh clams aboard Code Blue last night, cooked in garlic and butter served with cous cous………….splendido.  Today Ken and I went on a dingy tour around the anchorage to celebrate me finishing my boat jobs, changing engine oil etc.  We visited the “window” a low slate ridge at the north end which faces the BLA village.

Then the fisherman’s camp which was actually impressive, although the sleeping boards look a bit uncomfortable. The roof was very impressive and the amount of work which had been done on making the floor level.P1000720 P1000719 P1000721

The sunken trawler which has been cut in half. It was here we found floating stones, very light pumice which actually floated.P1000725


The beached trawler

And then the wind came up so went back to the boat, everyone coming across to Entre Nous tonight, veggies being done by Ken, Rice by Steve and Judy and I am doing the sweet and sour chicken. Am now out of fresh veggies and fruit. Just discovered the LPG tank I had filled in Santa Rosalia was not filled. It ran out after a week……………..I have one tank left and a bottle which fits the BBQ, so should be OK. May have to boil the kettle on the BBQ near the end of the trip as you can’t get LPG refills up here.

Will go into Bahia Los Angeles village tomorrow and see if I can up load the blog and sent emails, if you are reading this, it means it worked.


2 thoughts on “Puerto Don Juan

  1. Kevan, just wanted to let you know that we were able to get propane last year in front of the sailboat sculpture. The same family also had a laundry service. For veggies, we preferred the Xitlali/Tecate store. When Don Juan gets too hot, La Mona is a good anchorage for protection from prevailing southern winds with a beautiful beach and great fishing. According to Pitt, there is now good Wifi service at Guillermo’s. Say hello to Ken from us. Enjoy exploring the Northern Sea.

    Lisa and Neil
    S/V Gypsy

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