Northern Sea of Cortez and summer

images-1Am all set to leave the hot and sticky harbour at Santa Rosalia on Sunday morning around 2.00am. I estimate a 16 hour journey to the anchorage at San Francisquito, give or take a few hours.  Have listened to advice of others regarding the Tres Virgennes volcanic complex and Punta Trinidad, both of which cause disturbance to the local weather patterns. Will sail 5-8 miles offshore to avoid these two areas. The chances of strong westerlies around the Punta Trinadad are increased due to the low terrain between the point and the East Coast of Mexico .images-2

Will buddy boat with another single hander, Ken from Drifter. The remainder of boats heading north will also set out over the next 7 days.  Having been in Santa Rosalia for nearly three weeks I have become accustomed to the air conditioning unit, the ease of stepping off the boat onto the dock, the close presence of others and the ease of eating out in the evenings. Whilst many projects have been completed it has been a bit of a holiday. Now its time to re acclimatise to the heat and humidity and get back on the hook. Both has its virtues…….on the hook you don’t spend any money, you either invite friends to your boat  or eat on theirs. Much time is spent in the water, hiking, beach combing and fishing. Plus the daily chores of raising the dingy at night, taking down and putting up the sun awnings everyday. You take them down at night in case there is a Chubasco.  Discussions are had regarding any new hurricane building down south and the likely hood of it progressing up into the Sea. Any increase in winds or sea conditions is noted, especially at night. Being inside a protected harbour , tied up to a dock gives you a nice sense of security and well being.  The same cannot be said when on anchor, lots to consider. The boy scout motto of “be prepared” is sound advice.images-3 images-4

images So the next few weeks will entail a stop at San Franscisquito, Bahia Animas, Don Juan ( this is the hurricane hole for the summer) . I want to stop in Don Juan to check the place out in case I have to make a run to it during the remaining 3 months of the hurricane season. It is virtually a landlocked bay which can hold 30-40 boats. Everyone tends to stay within a 30 mile radius of Don Juan during Aug, Sept and Oct.

Finally arriving in Bahia Los Angeles my final summer destination. It is here the next 3 months will be spent. A multitude of anchorages along the shores of the Bay and the islands within an hour or two’s sail will keep everyone interested and occupied. Trips back to the village for re provision as required and access to very slow internet in a small hotel will be the link to civilisation. It appears everyones intention is 3 months of not spending much money to enable the cruising kitty to be replenished. Actually is works out at 4-5 months of not spending money by the time you get back to La Paz so it can be really beneficial to the many budget cruisers out here.

A lot of preparation and thought has gone into the boats in readiness for this period of remoteness. Lots of rice and beans stored away. Fishing and spear fishing the order of the day for protein.  Plus shell fish which are abundant. The highlight may well be swimming with the whale sharksIMG_0406


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